Electro Surgical Instrument Company

Electro Surgical Instrument Company has been manufacturing lighted retractors and other lighted surgical instruments for over 115 years. We offer instrument repair and parts replacement for our current product line and, where practical, manufacture non-current medical instruments and equipment. We also offer the same service on surgical instruments and equipment of other manufacturers, provided such repairs are economically feasible.

Trying to find an odd size or discontinued instrument? We maintain distribution agreements with many popular instrument manufacturers world wide. Our customer service group can often research hard to find items or the specific instruments with which you are most comfortable working.

Electro Surgical Instrument Company is a company dedicated to serving the many needs of the physician and surgeon. We await the opportunity to be of service to you!

Precision Optical Equipment

Since 1896 ESI has continued to offer the highest quality precision optics and light sources including incandescent and LED. In addition, we offer a broad range of connectors, accessories, and cables to adapt your product to almost any commercially available surgical light source.

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